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    The Southmoreland High School Counseling Department receives various scholarship opportunities throughout the year for graduating seniors. Scholarship opportunities are listed on this webpage, in the Class of 2020 Google Classroom and posted on the wall outside the Counseling Office. It is the responsibility of each senior to monitor available scholarships, and submit all the necessary information by the assigned deadline. If you have any questions regarding an application, or need a copy of your transcript, please stop down to the Counseling Office. To view to the complete list of scholarships available through the Counseling Office, click here.


    Scholarship Tips:

    • Apply only to scholarships if you are eligible. Review all the requirements and directions carefully to determine if you are eligible.
    • Complete the application neatly and carefully - use blue or black pen if completing by hand.
    • Follow directions - provide all required information.
    • Take time on the essays. Ask your counselor to assist you with final essay editing. It is alright to use an essay for more than one application.
    • Give yourself enough time to meet deadlines. Make sure you turn in the complete scholarship packet at least one week prior to the deadline. Make note if the application must be mailed and allow for enough time for mail delivery by the deadline.
    • Save copies of your applications and essays.
    • Review the entire application and materials prior to submitting for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a friend, parent or your school counselor to review your essay.
    • Remember, your scholarship application represents who you are. You must submit a professional looking application in a neat and timely manner.
Last Modified on December 18, 2019