• Southmoreland High School Student Parking


    Review the following Rules and Guidelines BEFORE submitting your application.


    Rules and Guidelines

    The rules and conditions for driving to school and parking on the campus of Southmoreland High School are as follows:


    Selection Order

    1. Seniors that have achieved 95% attendance or better during their Junior year.
    2. Seniors with verifiable work release.
    3. Juniors that have achieved 95% attendance during their Sophomore year.
    4. Remaining Senior and Juniors (if spots are available).     


       Sophomores will not be issued parking passes



    1. All student drivers must be licensed and proof of insurance and registration must be submitted to the main office with the parking permit application.  Upon approval, the student driver will receive a parking placard.  It is not transferable to other students. 
    2. All vehicles registered with the school must maintain current inspection, registration, and insurance. Failure to keep inspection, registration and insurance current shall result in a state traffic citation for the driver and/or vehicle owner.
    3. All motor vehicles parked on the school grounds must be registered with the school and display a current parking placard.  The parking placard must be properly displayed on the dash of the registered vehicle of the student.  If more than one (1) vehicle is registered to the same family and will be used, all vehicles must be registered with the Main Office.
    4. Parking regulations shall be strictly enforced.  It shall be considered a privilege to park on school grounds.  Suspension of driving privileges, towing of vehicles and/or disciplinary measures shall occur when violations of these regulations occur.  Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
    5. Students applying for and receiving permits shall fully understand their responsibility in following these rules.
    6. Students are not permitted to transport passengers except siblings or other students residing within the same household.
    7. Students are not permitted to park off campus or discharge/pickup other students off campus.
    8. Parking is strictly limited to the student parking area.  There will be no assigned parking spots.  Faculty parking is marked accordingly.
    9. Enforcement of parking violations shall be handled by School District Security Officers and designated employees.
    10. There will be no loitering in the student parking areas before or after school hours.
    11. Students must receive permission from the administration or main office personnel to go to his/her vehicle during the school day.
    12. Vehicles may not be moved during the school day unless permission is granted by the principal or his designee.
    13. Leaving school during the school day without permission will result in the student losing his/her driving privileges.
    14. No unlicensed vehicles, including but not limited to, dirt bikes and quads, shall be permitted on school property.
    15. Students are not permitted to drive motorcycles on school grounds.
    16. Improper use of any vehicle, including but not limited to, unnecessary horn blowing, spinning of tires, racing of motors, driving on grass, etc., shall result in the loss of parking privileges on school grounds and/or police action.
    17. Drivers are expected to follow all posted traffic signs including speed limit and stop signs. The safety of others must remain the highest priority.
    18. Student conduct in school and on school property will impact driving privileges. Good conduct and attendance in school must be obtained to obtain or retain driving privileges.  When a violation of the parking policy occurs, disciplinary consequences will be applied.
    19. Any student violating any of the established rules governing student parking shall immediately lose parking privileges for these established times:
    • First violation – Written warning signed by the student.
    • Second violation – Minimum of two (2) weeks.
    • Third violation – Minimum of one (1) month.
    • Fourth violation – Remainder of the school year.


    Fees & Application Process

    • A one-time Application Fee of $15.00 is required with the application for driving.

      This fee is non-refundable if student loses driving privileges. 

    • Appropriate sections of the application must be completed, including ALL required signatures.
    • Driver’s license, registration, and proof of Insurance must be submitted with application.


    To apply for a Parking Pass, complete the following Google Form. Parking permits will be available for pick up August 17-21 at the high school.