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     Mrs. Hoffer's First Grade News
    Week of May 19th-23rd, 2014
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    This week we will read the story Dot and Jabber.  Our high-frequency words (on green paper) for the stories are: among, another, instead, and none.Practice using these words in sentences correctly. We will learn about the word patterns:oo.  Think of words with the -oo sound as in book as well as words with the -oo sound as in zoo. Students will be asked to compare and contrast the different way seeds are carried, inflected endings(-s, -ed, or -ing), and pronouns.  Our reading and spelling test will be on Wednesday,May 21st. Practice your high-frequency words in sentences, and review the story events.
    Spelling Words for Dot and Jabber 
    book                         zoo
    moon                        noon  
    took                          good
    food                          foot
    look                          instead
    pool                          another


    We will continue to work in chapter 4 "Organize and Use Data" this week in our lessons.  There will be a chapter 4 test the week of Nov. 11-15.  Know these vocabulary terms: bar graph, data, picture graph, survey, and tally chart.  Start to memorize your addition and subtraction facts to help with rocket math.  Flashcards are a fun way to practice at home.  You should practice both + and - facts. (Take the easy facts out of your group that you are studying).  Any of the following websites would be both enjoyable and fun!)
    Special Class Schedule 
     Monday-No School