• Getting Smarter Day by Day
    Reading:  Try writing in a journal daily--even if it is just one sentence about something special that happened to you that day; or pick a topic like your best friend, your favorite tv show or whatever.  Make complete sentences and don't forget what you have learned about using capital letters and the correct ending marks.
    Spelling:  Practice spelling words both orally and in written form.  Pay particular attention to how you are writing your letters.  It is just as important to be neat as it is to be right!  
    Math: Practice your flash cards.  Do not practice the easy ones (that add 0 or 1) Use the addition facts to 18.  Practice the subtraction facts even more-just remember the addition number families and the subtraction facts should be easier.  For example if you know that 8+4=12 you should know 12 - 8=4
    Friendly Reminders: If you still owe a library book, don't forget to bring it in very soon.  You may take it down to the library right away so that you don't forget!  Ms. Henry would like to have all books returned this week