• Module A -
    Unit 2: The Chemical Basis for Life

    The Building Blocks of Molecules 
    Atoms, Isotopes and Ions

     Chemical Reactions and Bonding

    Properties of Water 
    Water and its Amazing Properties
     Water and Life 
    Why do we need to drink water?   
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    Biochemistry and the Major Macromolecules of Life: 
    Nucleic Acids 
     Biology Keystone Intervention 2/12/2015
    Biology CP Macromolecules Webquest
    Greedy Carbon
    Click here for an Awesome Biochemistry Summary Page!!   
    Introduction to Biochemistry!!  
    Biological Molecules - the Four Major Macromolecules 
     You Are What You Eat!  Major Macromolecules of Life
    A Dehydration Synthesis or Condensation Reaction between Glucose and Fructose to produce the disaccharide Sucrose (table sugar) 
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