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SOLA - Southmoreland's Online Learning Academy


Southmoreland School District offers a cyber-based education program for students in grades 9-12 through a partnership with the

Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. SOLA offers online courses developed and instructed by teachers throughout Westmoreland County.

Please visit SOLA's eAcademy site to learn more. You can also access the searchable Course Catalog here.



Need help with SOLA/eAcademy courses or technology support?

If you are having issues with your eAcademy course, check out this help guide.

To place a help desk ticket, click here.



Parent/Guardian Account Access

Parent/Guardian Accounts have been set up for all SOLA students using the parent email on file. To access the Parent/Guardian Account,

use the email address and the password is your student account number followed by their initials. If you are having difficulty, please email

Parent Access Questions.



IMPORTANT: Various communications will take place throughout your student school email accounts. So, please check your student email frequently.




For more information, or to enroll in SOLA, contact:


Mr. Ronald Heitchue, Director of Student Services


(724) 887-2010 or


Mrs. Racquel Sutton, SHS Assistant Principal


(724) 887-2010 or