• 2019 Southmoreland Prom

    May 11, 2019


    Grand March 3pm

    Schedule of Events

    Doors Open: 1:45

    Pictures: 2:00

    Grand March: 3:15

    Begin Arriving At Rizzos: 4:30

    Dinner: 5:30

    Depart For SHS: 10:00

    Arrival at SHS: 10:35


    Other Notes:

    Tables at dinner seat 8 per table. Table Signups will be held from April 8-April 26th.   April 8-11 only full tables can be reserved. After April 26th, students will be assigned seating. Please see Mr. Pajak to sign up for tables.

    Grand March Order is based off date ticket was purchased.

    Grand March walking arrangements for singles or friends need to be arranged prior to May 1st. Please see Mr. Pajak or Mr.Keefer



    TICKETS ARE $80/person

    Checks are to be made out to SHS Activity Fund 

    Guest From Another High School

    Out of High School Guest



    Below is a step by step process of what students need to know and requirements for the Prom.

    Step 1:  During the 3rd week of October, the Junior Class will pass out orders for Sarris Candy.  Any 11th or 12th grade student who sells candy will receive 20-30% of what they sale towards their or their date’s prom tickets.  Order forms Due: November 16th. Payments in ONE CHECK made to SHS Activity Fund must be submitted before picking up candy. The order form is the white and yellow carbon copy form. There is also an online order form for family and friends that live out of town. Candy will be delivered directly to them. In order to receive the percentages below the fundraiser must sell a total of $5000 or more.


    $1-$149.99  Total Sale = 20% of sale towards tickets

    $150-$299.99 = 25% of sale towards prom tickets

    $300 and above = 30% of sale towards prom tickets


    Step 2: Candy will arrive December 10, 2018.  Students must pay for their candy prior to taking it home

    Step 3:  In late February/Early March the Senior Class will hold an Easter Candy Sale which a percentage of total sale can be used towards prom tickets.  The same as the Christmas Sale. THE EASTER CANDY ORDER FORM IS DUE MARCH 15th. CHECKS MADE TO SHS ACTIVITY FUND.

    Step 4:  In March, Students who are taking a prom date from another school or someone no longer attending high school, must fill out a guest form so it can be approved prior to ticket sales.  Guest forms must be completed and turned in by March 20th. Administrators have the right at anytime to deny a gust from attending the prom. Post High School  Another School

    Step 5:  Prom Tickets will be on sale from March March 20-29th.  They will be sold in front of the auditorium in the morning of March 20-26th  After that tickets must be purchased through Mr. Keefer or Mr. Pajak. Tickets will be $80. However, that could change based on profits made from sale. All will be notified well in advance.  If there is a financial situation regarding tickets, please make arrangements with Mr. Keefer or Mr. Pajak. Arrangements will not be made after March 20, 2019.