• Sarris Candy Easter Sale Cancelled:

    Orders will not be delivered.

    To Juniors and Seniors Who Sold Sarris Candy for the Easter Sale:

    I am writing to inform you that Sarris will NOT be making the delivery to Southmoreland High School on April 3rd. Due to the district being shutdown, we are being proactive so this is not a last minute issue.   In the event our shutdown should continue, myself and the high school administration will do whatever we possibly can to have a prom on May 2nd or at a later date. I will update everyone as the state/district continues to provide information.  The junior and senior class will honor your Christmas sale discounts and use whatever available funds we have to offset prom ticket costs for everyone.


    With that said, All money will be refunded. Most of your money has not been withdrawn from your account.

    • Students who paid for their order by check:  Checks have not been deposited. The money has not been taken from your account.Checks will be voided and returned as soon as we can have access to the school.

    • Students who paid cash: your money will be returned as soon as access to the school can be obtained.

    • Students who paid by money order:  Your money will be fully refunded, but this is a little more complicated. Please contact me directly at pajakj@southmoreland.net, and I can explain that process and make appropriate arrangements to reimburse you.

    Remember that you will not lose money. The Junior Class will refund all money from previous payment, and most of you haven’t lost any money due to deposits not made.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we are trying our best to work within the parameters of the situation. Please contact me with any questions pajakj@southmoreland.net

    Thank You For Understanding and Please Be Patient,


    Josh Pajak

    Junior Class Sponsor




     We will be delaying the sale of Prom Tickets by one week.  The new sale date is below.  If for some reason we are delayed in returning to school, we will use the district messenger service to update the situation. Contingency plans are being worked out to purchase tickets online in case of a continued shutdown. All updates, will be indicated on this website as well. Every attempt will be made for students to have the opportunity to attend the prom.   




    PROM TICKETS are $85 and will be ON SALE MARCH 23- April 1 2020

                                                                     March 30 - April 8 2020

    Checks are to be made out to SHS Activity Fund



    2020 Southmoreland Prom

    May 2, 2020

    Edgewood Country Club

    Grand March 3:15pm

    Schedule of Events

    Doors Open: 1:45

    Pictures: 2:00

    Grand March: 3:00

    Begin Arriving At Edgewood: 4:15

    Dinner:5:15- 5:30

    Depart For SHS: 10:00

    Arrival at SHS: 10:45



    Guest From Another High School

    Out of High School Guest