• SMS Student of the Month


    The “Student of the Month” award is just one way that our faculty recognizes those students who exemplify outstanding character traits.  Each month teachers nominate one girl and one boy from each grade who reflect a particular trait.  After all nominations are received, the voting takes place!!  The winners each receive a “Scholastic” gift certificate and a “Student of the Month” certificate. Their names are displayed in the cafeteria for everyone to see and enjoy.  The four students in each category with the next highest votes receive a “Good News” postcard.  Here are the character traits for each month:


    September is Enthusiasm.

    ·        A positive attitude.

    ·        Strong feeling of excitement towards student activities, school and community.


    October is Honesty.

    ·        Always tells the truth.

    ·        Is sincere.

    ·        Is forthright & candid.

    ·        Is not sneaky, tricky or deceptive.


    November is Citizenship.

    ·        Helps to make school & community better.

    ·        Obeys laws and rules.

    ·        Gets involved in community affairs.

    ·        Respects authority.


    December is Compassion.

    ·        Is kind, loving and considerate.

    ·        Expresses gratitude.

    ·        Is empathetic towards others shortcomings.

    ·        Is not mean, cruel or insensitive.

    ·        Helps people in need.


    January is Integrity.

    ·        Stands up for beliefs.

    ·        Follows conscience.

    ·        Lives by principles no matter what others say.

    ·        Has the courage to do what is right.

    ·        Builds and guards reputation.


    February is Responsibility.

    ·        Does what they are supposed to do.

    ·        Perseveres: keeps on trying.

    ·        Always does their best.

    ·        Uses self-control.

    ·        Is self-disciplined.


    March is Respect.

    ·        Treats others with respect.

    ·        Is tolerant of differences.

    ·        Uses good manners, not bad language.

    ·        Is considerate of the feelings of others.

    ·        Doesn't threaten, hit or hurt anyone.


    April is Fairness.

    ·        Is able to play by the rules.

    ·        Is open-minded; listens to others.

    ·        Does not blame others carelessly.

    ·        Does not take advantage of others.


    May is Trustworthiness.

    ·        honest

    ·        doesn't deceive, cheat or steal

    ·        reliable

    ·        has courage to do the right thing

    ·        has built a good reputation

    ·        follows through with commitments


    Although we are proud of so many students here at Southmoreland Middle School, we would like to especially CONGRATULATE the students who so deservingly won this award!

Last Modified on March 18, 2019