• Children with Special Dietary Needs
    Special Dietary requests must be supported by a signed physician’s statement which explains the student’s diet and substitutions requested. 
    Statements must identify:

    *The medical or dietary condition which restricts the diet

    *The food(s) to be omitted from the diet

    *The food(s) to be substituted

    Gluten –free or other special diets are only served to students with a signed Medical Statement on file.

    For students with Milk and Dairy allergies or intolerances, parents may request an approved milk substitute without physician consent. Please see the milk substitution form by following this link

    If you need a gluten free menu for a child that is prescribed by a physician, below are samples of Gluten free menus that may be available:
    Download the Gluten Free menu Here
    Requires Acrobat Reader
Last Modified on October 14, 2020