Happy Birthday
    Parents, have you ever wished that celebrating your child's birthday at school could be easier and more nutritious? Eliminate the hassle of baking and delivering birthday snacks to school. Stop worrying that the snack you provide is nutritious or kept at the proper temperature.  The Southmoreland Primary School and Southmoreland Elementary School cafeterias can help with your child's celebration.  Snacks are now available for birthday celebrations through the school cafeterias.
    Snacks will be delivered directly to your child's classroom on the morning of his/her birthday (or the date you indicate) by a cafeteria employee.
    How do I order party snacks?
    • We would appreciate at least 1 week's notice for party orders.
    • Click on the link below for pricing information and contact the school cafeteria manager to order your snacks.  Call SES Cafeteria at 887-2050 or SPC Cafeteria at 887-2028.
    • Only prepaid orders can be filled and delivered, so please be sure to mail or send in cash or a check for the amount of your party prior to the date needed.

    Party Price List

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Last Modified on May 13, 2019