Please be advised that most of the photographs are unedited in Picasa due to differences in everyone’s computers and printers.  You may have to edit the photos before printing to adjust for color and lighting to get an acceptable photograph.


    1.     Go to www.picasa.google.com


    2.     In search photos, type legatshs.  An album should appear with one photo displayed.


    3.     Left click 1 time on the green LEGrafton.  You should then see a number of albums at this time.


    4.     Left click 1 time on the album photo for the game selected.  All the photos in the album should appear.


    5.     To down load an individual photo, Right click on an individual photo to save it to your computer.  Then click on the Save picture as and store it on your computer in your computer photo location.  Continue thru the album to download additional, individual pictures.  Use the back arrow to proceed to another album.


    6.      To down load the entire album, after all the photos have appeared in step 4, left click on the Down Load button at the top of the album, then left click Download to Picasa.  This could take a few minutes for the computer to collect picture data.  Next, you will see a message: Do you want to down load this album to your computer?  Click download.  Picasa will then download the album to your computer.  You will have to determine the location to store the pictures.


    7.     Close the down load window after downloading.


    8.     Use the back arrow if you wish to download additional albums, then follow the instructions above.             

Last Modified on November 1, 2010