Southmoreland Middle School


    Please click on the link above to watch the SMS video, "WHO WE ARE".
    "We are what we repeatedly do.
    Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

                 Southmoreland is ranked 8th out of the 17 schools in Westmoreland County in regards to combined advanced/proficient PSSA scores. 
                 We have an economically disadvantaged population of 46%.  When we compare our school with other schools that have a 45% economically disadvantaged population or more, we rank 2nd out of 128 districts in the state in regards to combined advanced/proficient scores on the PSSAs. 
    Southmoreland performs better than 74% of all school districts in the state of Pennsylvania.                     

    In 09-10, SMS 6th graders (current 7th graders) were 89% advanced/proficient in math
    and 73% advanced/proficient in reading.
    In 09-10, SMS 7th graders (current 8th graders) were 92% advanced/proficient in math
    and 78% advanced/proficient in reading.
    In 09-10, SMS 8th graders (current 9th graders) were 87% advanced/proficient in math
    and 85% advanced/proficient in reading. 


    Ms. Tracey Kuchar-Long
    Principal, SMS
    Mr. Alex Novickoff
    Assistant Principal, SMS
    Southmoreland Middle School
    200 Scottie Way
    Scottdale PA 15683
    (724) 887-2029--Office Phone Number
    (724) 887-2032--Fax Number