Southmoreland School District Bus Routes

  • We have made some changes during this past summer to the bus routes so they are as efficient as possible. With student registrations still being received, we will continue to make adjustments as needed. Please double check the website to determine your students' bus details. We're excited about starting this new school year and hope you are too!
    PLEASE NOTE: The school district no longer has the District Van service, therefore any missed buses, or sick child pickups will be the parents responsibility.
    Currently, bus change requests are being collected. No changes will be effective until Sept 5. 
  • How to obtain a student’s bus information:

    ·      Log into the Parent Portal

    ·      Go to the Student's Profile

    ·      Select Buses

    ·      Look for the bus route number's pick-up and drop-off times, as well as the bus stop information.

    *Please note that the bus route information is updated nightly.