Southmoreland Technology Department

  • The K-12 Technology Department is an essential component of our educational institution, dedicated to integrating technology into all aspects of teaching, learning, and administrative functions. Our primary goal is to leverage technology as a tool for enhancing education, fostering innovation, and preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving world. We focus on providing robust infrastructure, implementing effective instructional technology strategies, ensuring data privacy and security, and delivering exceptional technical support.

    Infrastructure and Systems Management: Our department maintains a reliable and secure technology infrastructure to support the seamless operation of digital resources and services. We manage networks, servers, hardware, and software systems to ensure optimal performance, connectivity, and data storage. We collaborate with other departments to identify and implement emerging technologies that align with our educational goals and instructional practices.

    Instructional Technology Integration: We work closely with teachers and curriculum specialists to integrate technology into classroom instruction, promoting engaging and interactive learning experiences. We provide professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their digital literacy skills, explore new instructional tools and platforms, and develop innovative teaching practices that leverage technology to enhance student learning outcomes.

    Digital Citizenship and Online Safety: We prioritize educating students about responsible digital citizenship, including online safety, digital etiquette, information literacy, and responsible technology use. We collaborate with teachers and parents to deliver educational programs that promote ethical behavior, critical thinking, and responsible use of digital resources. We implement filtering and monitoring systems to ensure a safe and secure online environment for students.

    Data Management and Privacy: Our department follows strict protocols and complies with data privacy regulations to protect student and staff information. We implement secure systems for data storage, manage student information systems, and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect sensitive data. We educate staff and students on data privacy and security best practices and maintain confidentiality and integrity of educational records.

    Technical Support and Help Desk: We provide technical support to staff, students, and parents, addressing hardware and software issues, troubleshooting connectivity problems, and assisting with technology-related inquiries. Our department operates a help desk, where users can seek assistance and receive timely resolutions to technical challenges. We prioritize responsive and efficient support to minimize disruptions and ensure the effective use of technology tools.

    Digital Resource Management: We curate and manage digital resources, including educational software, online platforms, and digital content, to support teaching and learning. We evaluate and select appropriate resources, provide training on their use, and ensure compliance with licensing agreements and copyright laws. We collaborate with teachers and administrators to align digital resources with curriculum objectives and instructional goals.

    Technology Planning and Budgeting: Our department actively participates in strategic planning and budgeting processes to ensure the effective allocation of resources for technology initiatives. We assess the evolving needs of our educational institution, conduct research on emerging technologies, and develop long-term technology plans that align with our educational goals. We seek funding opportunities and grants to support technology initiatives and maximize the benefits of technology integration.

    The K-12 Technology Department is dedicated to leveraging technology as a catalyst for educational innovation and student success. By providing robust infrastructure, instructional technology support, data privacy and security measures, and technical assistance, we empower students and staff to harness the full potential of technology for learning, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that prepares our students to thrive in a technologically advanced society.

  • Technology Coordinator
    Mr. John Puskar
    Network Administrator
    Mr. Steve Smithula