• There are two administrative assistants in the main office at SES; their names are Mrs. Amanda Springer and Mrs. Sonya Zahrobsky. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the school and providing essential administrative support. Their responsibilities extend beyond administrative tasks, and their contributions are vital to the overall functioning of the school. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of our main office staff at SES:

    1. Administrative Support: The main office staff handles a wide range of administrative tasks, including answering phone calls, managing mail and correspondence, scheduling appointments, maintaining records, and organizing school files. They provide essential support to the principal, teachers, and other staff members, ensuring that administrative processes run efficiently.

    2. Communication Hub: The main office serves as a central communication hub within the school. Office staff greet visitors, answer inquiries from parents, students, and the community, and provide information and guidance. They act as a liaison between various stakeholders, relaying important messages, announcements, and updates. Their effective communication skills contribute to a positive and welcoming school environment.

    3. Student Enrollment and Records: Office staff are responsible for managing student enrollment and maintaining accurate student records. They assist with the registration process, verify required documentation, and update student information as necessary. Their attention to detail and organization ensure that student records are properly maintained and accessible when needed.

    4. Attendance Monitoring: Maintaining accurate attendance records is crucial, and the main office staff plays a significant role in this area. They record and track student attendance, follow up on absences or tardiness, and communicate attendance-related information to parents and teachers. Accurate attendance records are essential for monitoring student progress, ensuring accountability, and meeting legal requirements.

    5. Emergency Preparedness: Office staff are often involved in emergency preparedness and response. They help maintain emergency contact information for students, staff, and parents, and assist in implementing safety protocols and drills. During emergencies or crises, they may provide support, coordinate communication, and ensure the well-being of students and staff.

    6. Student Health and Medications: Office staff often assist in managing student health-related matters. They help maintain and administer medications as per established procedures, monitor health-related paperwork, and communicate with parents and healthcare providers as needed. Their attention to detail and adherence to protocols contribute to student safety and well-being.

    7. Financial and Budgetary Support: The main office staff may assist with financial tasks, such as managing school budgets, processing invoices, and handling financial transactions. They work closely with the school administration, district finance department, and other stakeholders to ensure proper financial management within the school.

    8. Event Planning and Support: Office staff may play a role in organizing and supporting various school events, such as parent-teacher conferences, meetings, fundraisers, or school celebrations. They help coordinate schedules, reserve spaces, and assist in logistical arrangements. Their support contributes to the smooth execution of events and fosters a sense of community within the school.

    9. Parent and Community Engagement: The main office staff often serve as the initial point of contact for parents and community members. They provide information, resources, and support to parents, fostering positive relationships and engagement. Their friendly and helpful demeanor contributes to a welcoming and supportive school environment.

    In summary, the main office staff at SES provides essential administrative support, communication, and coordination. Their work ensures the smooth functioning of the school, supports student enrollment and records management, assists with attendance monitoring and emergency preparedness, and plays a crucial role in maintaining effective communication with various stakeholders. The office staff's dedication and professionalism contribute to a positive and efficient school environment.